Fa Sol La

by Those Mockingbirds

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released September 13, 2011



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Those Mockingbirds Montclair, New Jersey

Those Mockingbirds are a rock band consisting of all kinds of sounds like drums, guitars, more guitars, keyboards and violin. At times dirty and heavy, or ambient and unresolved, it’s music that is appropriate to work up a sweat to in a dirty basement. It strives to portray raw emotion, both musically and lyrically, relying only on their musical instincts. ... more

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Track Name: Coast To Coast
well look who got a real gun
protection for a loose tongue
you can't handle it
the kids all do it anyway
it don't matter what the warnings say
they're off and on and off and on your case

all I hear is everything I hate
it's laughing in my face
coast to coast you knew me the wrong way
do you feel like everything is fate
well cast aside your faith
on and off like old commuter trains

to win you gotta lose some
to lose you gotta lose someone
you know their name
living in the fraction
cause fake is back in fashion
we’re off and on and off and on again

sometimes I feel like everybody knows
what time it really is but nobody tells me
like so
we’re on and off and on and off...
Track Name: Don't Stray
This is such a rough situation
But I can't blame it on you
though there's nothing that I would love more
you're just not who I knew

Don't stray
I'm stuck on all of the things that you don't say
it's all about the things that you don't say

honey everything you ever knew
collapsed back onto you
so what makes you think new walls won't fall
if they're held up by glue
I've been thinking I'm the lucky one
thinking I'm the only one
oh silly me

all the things I do
I've been doin' them for you
but every single truth is coming unglued
so I'm giving up on you
cause of all the things you do
every point of view is
me against you
Track Name: The Bloodiest Gums
we're undersea where you try to sell me
your final breath
not because you want to save me
it's to have enough
stories for your book about you

ahhh ahhh ahhh
you'll do what you do
ahhh ahhh ahhh
you'll do what you do to whoever's not you

I'm quite drunk on your intimate cocktail
it messed me up
I've got a feeling this is why you tell me
you can't get enough
I think I'm just too much to handle for you
Track Name: We're Animals
you won't feel it anymore
when your lights are down
complicated by the sun
Anastasia reads my palm and helps me figure out
why the lines show thru my glove 

honestly it's nothing
just a scratch it heals itself
every time I do this you cry 

we're animals in pain
if anybody else brought me closer to hell then you'd know
I'm going back to sleep where everybody is warm
we're animals we're prey 

you don't realize that your ghost has been seen around
flirting with the local folks
I am safety I am home
sterile when you're on
you can’t squeeze blood from a stone 

all this time I spent on hunting
when you were ripe and by yourself 

she had a face that you cannot unsee
she had a brain you designed
we died a little death and it humbled me
we are who you despise
so we dine...